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Uncover the original YOU with our Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic!!

Laser Hair Removal Treatment became commercially available in the mid 90s and now it is the most common and widely availed treatments in the world.

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Why go for Laser hair removal?

Hirsutism! It is excessive growth of hair in various parts of women’s and men’s body and face. It affects approximately 5% – 15% of women from all over the world. Research studies say that almost 40% of women have Hirsutism. Menopause can also be a feature of Hirsutism. Laser Hair Removal is a permanent solution for hair reduction not only for women with normal growth but also for women with hirsutism. Also, unwanted hair is a significant problem for many males also with hair on their back, face, neck and abdomen. All these areas can be effectively treated in both men and women.

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The process of Hair Removal Treatment In Ahmedabad :

Laser hair removal is the process of destroying the hair follicle by exposing it to pulses of very specific wavelength of laser light. This specific wavelength of laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle thus destroying it on permanent basis in very less time and with very less discomfort and with no damage to the surrounding skin and tissue.

Treatment of Laser hair removal :

Prior to Laser Hair removal treatment, the concerned areas need to be shaved. During laser hair removal treatment, an anaesthetic cream may be applied to some patients if needed. A cool spray or gel could also be used to make the process more comfortable.

We at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Ahmedabad, use US FDA approved Diode laser machine which has a self cooling probe for a soothing experience for everyone undergoing painless laser hair reduction.

The doctor and the patient need to wear special glasses to protect from the harmful rays. Then the high speed laser energy is directed to the pigment in the hair follicle resulting in its destruction completely on permanent basis.

After the treatment, the concerned area might have some redness. But it is just for a few days. The complete treatment requires multiple sessions for permanent hair removal. Usually it takes 6-8 such sessions for complete hair removal.

Safety :

Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery has a special Mayfair Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Ahmedabad especially dedicated for hair removal treatment and it uses the state-of-the-art machines for safe treatment and best results.

Cost :

Laser Hair Removal cost in Ahmedabad depends on the number of the sessions and areas covered. However, at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic we totally focus on the results and all our Clients have been happy and delighted with the results. Various laser hair removal packages are available and each can be customized according to Client’s needs.

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Why Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic for Laser Hair Removal?

We at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Ahmedabad, use US FDA approved Diode laser machine. We take precautions at each and every step for a safe and needed outcome.

Benefits of Laser Hair removal at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic:

  1. Painless Laser Hair Reduction – With the help of advanced and US FDA machines we make sure that the patients do not feel pain and undergo a smooth and comfortable process of laser hair removal.
  2. The treatment is performed only on the targeted hair with high level of precision leaving the nearby areas untouched.
  3. Quick treatment.
  4. The number of sessions which will be required for a particular client can be assessed by our team of experts making the treatment predictable.
  5. Hair removal on regular basis is a time consuming activity. This treatment would give you freedom from tweezing, shaving and waxing regularly.
  6. It can be performed on any part of the body.
  7. It’s safe and effective.
  8. It’s cost effective in the long run.

FAQs about Laser Hair Removal:

1) Is Laser hair removal permanent?
Answer – Yes it is. The pigments in hair follicle are destroyed completely with laser and therefore will not grow back.

2) How many sessions will I need to complete the laser hair removal process?
Answer – Hair growth is different for different parts of our body since each area has a different growth cycle for hair. Mostly it takes 6-8 sessions for complete hair reduction however one can notice reduced growth after 2-3 sessions only.

3) What is the risk involved in Laser Hair removal?
Answer– With the use of high quality machines, there is no chance of your skin getting damaged.

4) Can Laser Hair Removal cause skin cancer?
Answer – No. Technology used in Laser Hair Removal is extremely safe and US FDA approved and it does not cause cancer or any other skin disease.

5) Can Laser Hair Removal increases chances of skin infections?
Answer – Absolutely not! In-fact Laser Hair Removal reduces the chances of bacterial and fungal skin infections.

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